Market Assessment is the initial phase in Manas’ market entry approach, which is designed to facilitate business expansion into emerging markets while mitigating risk. This approach also ensures clients’ ownership of the market entry process by having natural go/no-go decision points at the end of each phase.

In conducting market assessments, Manas will rely on the following:

  • Existing Contacts and Network: Personal relationships with government and industry leaders not only to discern market trends and opportunities but also to ask for referrals to potential new customers.
  • Business Development Experience in the Region: Company experience in-country and and similar emerging markets, where Manas has engaged in business development in a variety of industries (e.g., logistics, energy, education & training).

Case Study


A fast-growing, California-based tech company needed to quickly identify and establish a hub for its MENA sales and software development operations.


Identified the most attractive market

Recruited and trained initial staff for the foreign subsidiary

Established relationships with key local services providers

Supplied strategic advisory services to mitigate local risk


Customer established in-country, and exceeded its revenue and profitability targets by 6-month mark